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Kur Kaune galima nebrangiai apsistot porai dienu? gal ka zinote apie KTU sveciu namus?

Reiketu kad kambarys butu ketturvietis arba penkiavietis, kaina ir pan... smile smile

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NarysA&B (prieš 774 savaites) Cituoti Cituoti
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KTU svečių tai bendrabučiai kiek supratau... jei ne studijuoji KTU ir neketini gyvent Kaune, tai nepriims ten manyčiau.
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NarysPaulius (prieš 767 savaites) Cituoti Cituoti
Gal hermi smile
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Jurgitele (prieš 623 savaites) Cituoti Cituoti
KTU Svečių namau nakvynei priima visus  smile
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Henrique (prieš 403 savaites) Cituoti Cituoti
You have the monopoly on useful inmnafation-rreo't monopolies illegal? smile
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Ted (prieš 403 savaites) Cituoti Cituoti
Matt, if you day job doesn't pan out for some reason the KT could rlaley use your journalistic prowess. Also, any chance of a post listing the articles that have cited wŏnŏmin as the problem in cases involving criminal and/or immoral behavior by ethnic Koreans and Korean citizens?  Off the top of my head I can think of a few:1. The October 2006 arrests of three(?) Korean-American English teachers for drugs and diploma mill operations, which led to AES calling for drug tests for E-2 visa wŏnŏmin kangsa.2. The two separate May 2006 English village incidents involving a Korean-Canadian and a Korean citizen where the KTU blamed "unchecked wŏnŏmin kangsa" with "relatively free attitudes about sex". 3. The arrest of Korean-American David Nam for murder in 2009, which led to calls to beef up protections against wŏnŏmin kangsa. 4. Cho Du-sun's rape of 8 year old Na-Young, which to Rep. Lee Joo-young saying "of all foreigners wŏnŏmin kangsa are especially [likely to be] potential child molesters."5. The April 2010 arrests of some five(?) Korean-Americans and Korean citizens for drugs and fake diplomas and the extradition of Korean-American Ronald Rhee for murder, which I believe (not sure) led to some articles about increasing protections against wŏnŏmin kangsa.6. The extradition  of Korean-Canadian Michael Ye for murder Oct. 2010, which led to several articles including one entitled "Wŏnŏmin kangsa turns out to be a killer."There are a bunch more I can't recall. Would be interested in seeing a more complete list when/if you've got the time.
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